Welcome to the Testimonials of Music School Pucisca! Dive into a chorus of positive experiences as shared by our students, professors, and partnering organizations. Here, you’ll find heartfelt accounts of the transformative power of music education and the unique atmosphere at our school. Discover what makes Music School Pucisca a harmonious journey for those passionate about music. Join us in celebrating the stories that resonate with the soul.


"Thank you for the wonderful period of my life in Bol, Croatia, thanks to you all. I enjoyed being a student of the “Jazz and Salsa workshop” so much, and I learned incredibly many wonderful things from Deborah and you all.I feel moved by your loving, dedicated service in honor of Music, Life and Friendship, and I take all of you, including Croatia and it’s lovely people, with me in my heart and in my prayers."
Hildegard van Nylen
Amsterdam, Holland
"Here you can see people from all over the world, and we are all linked by music. That was my greatest desire, to be able to exchange experience, but also to learn something new. Brac also thrilled me as an."
Kiril Kasušin
"I'd like to thank all of u for giving me so much inspiration and pleasure in Pucisca! Richard, thank u for being my jester, knight and companion. Noémi Konta, thanks for your honest smile nd beautiful virginal playing. Mrs Vesna Vrandecic, thank u for presenting us Pucisca nd introducing us to the kind people of this town. Thank u Ivana Vrandečić for being with me when I was crying, thank u Tin Vrandecic for a lot of help at the hostel. Josipa, it was great to see u on the virginal with your saxophope! And of course thank u, Dalibor Miklavčič for being our incredible master."
Magdalena Białecka
Warsaw, Poland


"First i have to say that I carry out my professional work at the Zahreb Academy, which ends in June, an then I continue it here. However, the historical legacy, natural surroundings and everyday work we practise here, which is exceptional, is not like that in regular institutions. It puts us into a specific kind of situation, where we actually have the possibility of a different kind of exchange of knowledge."
Đuro Tikvica
Teaching at the Academy of Music Zagreb, Croatia
"On one side this is a serious job, and on the other, an opportunity to rest your soul as it is also tourism. The best possible combination. You equally enjoy your pedagogical work."
Irina Osipova
President of the Russian EPTA


"International summer music school is one of the biggest and the most succesful summer music educative projects that includes children and youth in Croatia, and as such, has become well known in homeland and with its pedagogic work International Summer Music School has gained an international reputation. Art, that this school, as a center of music and dramatic arts promotes has a central role in education of talented students and young musicians."
Ministry of science education and sport
Republic of Croatia
"Project International Summer Music School Pucisca is the project that has entertaining and educational function to promote Pucisca as a turist destination. The International Summer Music School Pucisca every summer, readily participates in charity concerts in the town and in the campaign against violence among youth."
Marino Kaštelan
Mayor of Pucisca, Croatia
"The President of the Republic of Croatia truly values your efforts in educating young people to explore their posibilities and creative potential through music. All students need the support of broader community to pursue their dreams and this school has offered that for generations of students who spent their holidays with music and is continuing to offer that in the future."
Office of the President of Croatia
Republic of Croatia

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