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The largest settlement in Brac

Ideal place to relax away from the city crowds and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Pucisca is small, picturesque place, located in Croatia on the island of Bac, the island of nature and beauty. Its rolling hills, pine and fig trees, isolate bays and clear water are both relaxing and inspirational. Spend your vacation actively, develop your music skills and strong points and recharge by exploring many pebble beaches and private coves, swimming, diving and sunbathing.

The easiest way to Brac depends on your means of transport, and direction you are coming from.

If you travel by car, bus or train, you need to reach Split or Makarska in central Dalmatia, where you can take a ferry to Brac or catamaran to Brac (from Split). Ferries Split – Supetar (Brac), and Makarska – Sumartin take cars.

You can take a plane to Brac, Split and Dubrovnik, and then you need to take a local bus, rent a car, or take a taxi to Brac. There is also airport on island Brac. From there you can reach Pucisca by bus or taxi.

The surrounding of Pucisca, like the whole island Brac, is famous for the production of olive-oil, vine, and figs. Since ages sheep and goats were raised. Thanks to the various Mediterranean plants and grasses, and the sea and mountain air on the higher locations Brac is a true paradise.

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Pucisca is a settlement in the middle part of the northern part of the island Brac turned to the channel of Brac, Omis and Makarska. The settlement originated on stone, at stone and from stone. With 1706 inhabitants, along with Supetar, this is the biggest town on Brac with original Mediterranean characteristics. Its white roofs are creating a true ambient atmosphere. It is located at the bottom of a deep bay which splits into two smaller bays: Puciski dolac and Stipanska luka.

Pucisca is rich of stones and exactly the excellent local stone has contributed o the development of the town. The work with the stone and the life from it are brought over from generation to generation. Nowadays a stonemason- school is working there. Many palaces throughout the world have been built with the local stone from the renaissance age until today. The works (mainly sculptures) of contemporary domestic and foreign sculptors are set on many public places, which are from the same stone. Other economy branches are cattle-breeding and agriculture.

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