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Srdjan Caldarovic

He attended the Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, USA in class of prof. Leonard Hokanson (1996), and at Trinity College of Music in London in class of prof. Philip Fowke (2001), and finally master’s degree at the prestigious American University of Miami, Florida in the of prof. J. Robert Floyd (2002).

Srdjan Caldarovic Filip (1973) began his musical education at the music school “Pavao Markovac” in class of prof. Jelica Kuzmin. He studied at the Music Academy in Zagreb where he graduated in piano in class of prof. Vladimir Krpan (1995).

He further develop his concert skills at international courses of Evgenij Timakin, Jerome Rose, Walter Groppenberger, Sequeira Costa, meanwhile confirms his versatile solo and chamber performances, which confirms the validity of the awards won and flattering criticism. Since 2005 Caldarovic work as an assistant professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb.

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