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Olga Cinkoburova

Concerts at music festivals throughout Europe such as: Musicali, Nuix musicales Beynac en Perigord, Autunno musicale, Cf encounter music academy of the Mediterranean (Marseille 2000th, Split 2003.), etc. She performs in concerts in Croatia, Bosnia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, France and Italy.

Cinkoburova Olga graduated from the Moscow College classroom Gnjesin Berngardta Arthur, then a master’s degree at the same institution. Further studied in class of Victor Merzanova and B. Bondurijanski at the Moscow Conservatory. She worked as an assistant professor at the Music Academy of the Moldovan city of Chisinau, where she taught piano and chamber music graduate studies. At that time, she is often performed with Moldavian Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded for radio and television programs.

Since 1998. living in Croatia, and worked as an assistant professor at the Split Art Academy.

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