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Maja Savic

She is currently based in Paris, performing and teaching on regular basis with her Jazz and Brazilian projects, as well as teaching Meditation, Breathwork, Relaxation and many other techniques that help you find balance and peace in life. She developed her current approach and method during the last several years in Paris, with the focus of empowering singers to be confident on stage and embrace their individuality.

Join us for a Jazz & Latin Vocal Workshop in Bol, on the beautiful island of Brac with a jazz vocalist and a holistic voice coach – Maja Savic.

Maja has over 15 years of performance experience and has been teaching voice for years combining various techniques which makes her approach a Holistic one.

She works on the Body as an instrument, teaches Relaxation and Awareness techniques, deep Breathwork using techniques from Yoga and Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualization for singers to enhance performance and boost confidence, Vocalizing through both traditional methods as well as Sounding and Healing through sound, Improvisation as Creation in the Moment through Circle Songs and discovering your own musical language and of course all that JAZZ.

She’s specialized in Jazz and Brazilian Music so areas you will work on include:

  • Basic scales in Jazz and Blues
  • Interpretation and Phrasing
  • Swing VS Latin – rhythm, count-offs, grooves, and more.
  • Improvisation as a tool of expression and communication with musicians
  • Brazilian styles – bossa nova and samba – rhythm, pronounciation, feel
  • Arranging and developing your own style
  • Communication with the band and learning the jazz lingo 😉
    and more to come!
    You will work on 1-2 individual songs which you will perform on 2-3 venues and different occasions, so you can use your skills immediately. The singers will also prepare a group piece for the final performance.

The vocal program includes:

  • Body work
  • Breathwork
  • Vocal Technique and Sounding
  • Circle songs
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Meditation and Visualizations
  • Improvisation
  • Jazz basics & Blues
  • Brazilian Music styles
  • Developing your own style + Arranging & Picking your songs
  • Communication with the band
    and more to come!

Price of the program: €250

The program includes:

  • Complete vocal program with the whole group
  • Daily rehearsals with the band
  • Individual lessons with the teacher
  • 2-3 performances on different venues

The price doesn’t include:

  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Food

Maja Savic motto is – It’s never too late!
Hoping to inspire others to do the same and follow their heart…

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