Summer and winter music workshops in Croatia. Join us and enjoy the music with other students from all over the world.

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International Summer Music School Pucisca
Perfect your musical skills with renowned professors from all over the world, on a magical island... Unforgettable!

About our workshops


Several 9 or 10-day classical music workshops are held in Pucisca, island of Brac for eager musicians of all ages and playing levels from all over the world.


At the end of August Jazz improvisation workshop is held in Bol, island of Brac where instrumentalists and singers of all experience levels have individual and joint lessions with their tutors.


International Summer Music School Pucisca organises winter workshops which take place form 2 January – 6 January 2024 in Music Schhool Pavao Markovac in Zagreb. Workshops are open for everyone.

Founder and art director of the International Summer Music School Pučišća, island of Brač, Croatia
Nenad Jura Vrandečić
dipl. ing. engineer by expertise

Meet our founder

Nenad Jura Vrandečić is a renowned jazz musician in Croatia. He plays for several jazz bands in the country. He has played with almost all estrade musicians and different musical groups in different musical styles in the country and abroad.

With his long-standing jazz band, „Zagreb Jazz Portrait“, he has recorded 13 cds and several compilations. He has won many awards, including a professional recognition as best instrumentalist (double bass).

Meet our educators

Tatjana Ognjanovic

Piano tutor

Djuro Tikvica

Piano tutor

Anders Miolin

Guitar tutor


One To One

Explore personalized musical journeys with our one-on-one sessions, where students receive individualized workshops with experienced educators, tailoring the learning experience to their unique musical aspirations.


Dive into the world of classical music designed for students, where you can explore the intricacies of this timeless art form and refine your musical skills.


Embark on a musical journey into the soulful realm of jazz tailored for students, where you can discover the improvisational magic and rich heritage of this vibrant genre.


Dive into the dynamic world of pop music designed for students, exploring the catchy melodies and contemporary sounds that define this popular genre.


Embark on a musical journey into the energetic realm of rock where students discover the powerful beats and electrifying chords that characterize this iconic genre.


Dive into the soulful world of blues where students explore the emotive melodies and heartfelt rhythms that define this timeless genre.

What Our Students Say About Us

"Thank you for the wonderful period of my life in Bol, Croatia, thanks to you all. I enjoyed being a student of the “Jazz and Salsa workshop” so much, and I learned incredibly many wonderful things from Deborah and you all..."
Hildegard van Nylen
Amsterdam, Holland
"First i have to say that I carry out my professional work at the Zahreb Academy, which ends in June, an then I continue it here. However, the historical legacy, natural surroundings and everyday work we practise here, which is exceptional, is not like that in regular institutions..."
Đuro Tikvica
Teaching at the Academy of Music Zagreb, Croatia
"I'd like to thank all of u for giving me so much inspiration and pleasure in Pucisca! Richard, thank u for being my jester, knight and companion. Noémi Konta, thanks for your honest smile nd beautiful virginal playing. Mrs Vesna Vrandecic, thank u for presenting us Pucisca nd introducing us to the kind people of this town..."
Magdalena Białecka
Warsaw, Poland
"International summer music school is one of the biggest and the most succesful summer music educative projects that includes children and youth in Croatia, and as such, has become well known in homeland and with its pedagogic work International Summer Music School has gained an international reputation..."
Ministry of science education and sport
Republic of Croatia

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