Frequently asked questions

Where is Pucisca located and how to get there?

Pucisca is located in Croatia, on Island of Brac. Generally, if you travel by car, bus or train, you need to reach Split or Makarska in central Dalmatia, where you can take a ferry to Brac or catamaran to Brac (from Split). Ferries Split - Supetar (Brac), and Makarska - Sumartin take cars.

If you go by plane, the closest local and international airports are Split and Dubrovnik airport, and then you need to take a local bus, rent a car, or take a taxi to Brac. There is also airport on island Brac. From there you can reach Pucisce or Brac by bus or taxi.

You can find more information here.

What are the course fees?



Deadline for course booking:
May 31st 2013


What are the ways of payment?

Payments are to be made by:
- postal money order
- in cash (upon arrival)
- via bank transfer to the following accounts:

For domestic payment

HKUB - Hrvatska kulturno umjetnička baština
1. PETRUŠEVAC 4/45 , Zagreb 10000
MB: 02528355
OIB 61087184167
Giro account ZABA 2360000-1102089996
tel/fax: 00 385 1 2408 709, 00385 21 633 304
GSM: 00 385 91 2408 709, 00 385 98 9599 708

For foreign payment

Trg Hrvatskog skupa 10 , 21 412 Pučišća, otok Brač, HRVATSKA
IBAN CODE : HR 30 2360000 1102161457

Note: If paying by a bank transfer, do not forget to write your name and the purpose of your payment so that the money can be assigned to your account.

On your request we make bookings for your accomodation.

Where do we stay in Pucisca?

In Pucisca, you can stay in local hostel or you can stay in private accomodation. On your request, we make bookings for your accomodation.

What does an attendant's day at the workshop in Pučišća look like?

Each attendant has an individual session in the morning term. After that he practices and has a free afternoon. If he wishes, he can join chamber music groups.

Do attendants have an opportunity to perform during these ten days?

All attendants have the opportunity to perform at different occassions (at the final concert, at exhibition opening ceremonies, in atriums, churches etc.) in Pučišća and in other places on Brač.

Do I have a practicing space ensured? Is that charged extra?
How much can I practice in terms of time?

Spaces (classrooms) are ensured and are not additionally charged.

How do I enroll?

Please fill out our form here and contact us if you have any additional questions.

Who are the attendants of the summer school courses?

Primary and secondary music school students, musical academy students, professors looking to perfect their skills, self-taught musicians as well as all those who want to spend an active holiday for any reason.

Who can participate at the summer music school? Do age and level of education matter?

Class is carried out on an individual basis. Therefore, there are no age limits, and the level of education is of no importance.

Can an under-age attendant come and attend the course alone, without escort?

It is desirable that under-age attendants come with escort. If the parents believe the attendant to be independent enough, he can attend the school, and the parents must provide written permission.

I am music player at a beginner level, can I still attend your school?

All students are welcome to atend our school. If you are a beginner, you can contact your chosen professor and agree on the necessary learning methods. You can find an e-mail of your professor here.

Can my professor accompany me so that we can participate in classes together?

Yes, of course. Attendants are often accompanied by professors from their music shools.

Can I stay with relatives in another place on Brač and travel to class daily or do I have to be accommodated in Pučišća?

Of course attendants are able to come from any place to attend courses in Pučišća. In that case we make a deal and draw up a plan so that the attendant has a schedule to his own liking.

I am a professor, I would like to come to perfect my skills with small children. Can someone look after my children while I am attending classes?

Yes, in that case we organize babysitting by a competent person