International Summer Music School Pucisca Perfect your musical skills with renowned professors from all over the world, on a magical island... Unforgettable!

About us

Summer Music School Pucisca - Island of Brac - Croatia, is being held held in July and August every year since 1995. It covers different musical genres (classical, jazz, pop/rock/fusion) in separate music workshops divided by instruments. Each instrumental course is held in a separate 9 or 10-day session and consists of individual work with music professors and work in instrumental groups. During the 9 or 10-day course, many concerts are held: by attendants, professors and other musicians, in Pučišća and in other towns on the island of Brač, and at the end, a final attendants' concert is held.

The number of applicants/students in each group is limited, in order to provide the maximum quality of learning. The purpose of this summer school is to provide potential students with the possibility to work on their musical knowledge without the pressure of routine obligations, in an extraordinary natural ambience of a small island town located on a beautiful coastline, and to spend an unforgettable summer vacation, with other musicians and music teachers.

In the 25 years since this school has been established, about fifty seminars have been held each year, led by professors from Croatia, Europe, the United States and Russia, and up to now, 3000 attendants from all over the world have attended the school.

Our students and teachers who come to learn and work to Pucisca, are from Slovenia, Croatia, France, Austria, Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Hingary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden, Finland, UK, the U.S., Canada, Russia, Kazahstan, Venezuela, China, UAE, Japan...